We all want more simplicity, quality, and convenience in our busy lives. Firepie was created to provide this. We are obsessed with great pizza and convenience.

Firepie provides a new simple, fast, and amazing (quality) pizza experience. A simple menu with the Three Classics, 90 second cook times with our 900-degree Italian wood burning oven when you walk up to order, or rapid delivery that is faster than hotel room service…

Why should we have to wait for great pizza when we’re hungry?


At that moment when you’re hungry for pizza you usually don’t want to face endless decisions; 15-30 toppings? Small? Medium? Large? Extra-large? Half of this and half of that? Thin crust? Thick crust? …it’s exhausting and archaic.


Firepie fixes this.

A simple choice

Three wood-fired artisan pies

(The Classics)

One size 

(10 Individual size perfect one hungry person or two to share)


At that moment when you’re hungry for pizza you want it NOW, not an hour from now. You usually have to wait an hour…or more. 


Firepie fixes this.

Our 900º Italian oak-burning oven located within two miles cooks your delicious pizza in about 90 seconds (The old Naples way). A driver directly delivers this deliciousness to you fast, in about 15 minutes.


You can walk-up and order and be enjoying your Firepie in about 90 seconds.


When you finally receive your pizza after making endless decisions and waiting an hour or more, you don’t want to settle for what most pizza places want to feed you; an overpriced pizza made with low quality institutional ingredients that arrives lukewarm and soggy. The current pizza places and delivery companies seem to be fine with this. We think there’s a better way.


Firepie fixes this.

We use whole ingredients like crispy fresh asparagus, artisan pepperoni, and natural Italian cheeses. Our daily prepared pizza dough made from scratch using imported 00 flour from Italy makes all the difference. We immediately fire it in our 900º Italian wood-burning oven and hand off to a delivery driver from the oven directly to you for an amazing experience, a hotter and crisp pizza.