For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with great pizza and convenience (better ways to do things). I had this passion in mind on July 8th, 2015, when I decided to leave a comfortable tech career to start Firepie. I risked all because I believe the current state of pizza, from the quality to the delivery process, is broken.


To me, when hungry for great pizza, the experience is usually complex (endless decisions), slow (1-hour delivery) and underwhelming (institutional ingredients, lukewarm). Today’s pizza and delivery companies seem to be fine with this – I think there’s a better way.


So, I started this experiment called Firepie with the goal of a new simplefast, and amazing (quality) pizza experience. A simple menu with the Three Classics, 90 second cook times with our 900-degree Italian wood burning oven when you walk up to order, or rapid delivery that is faster than hotel room service…Why should we have to wait for great pizza when we’re hungry?


When Firepie got started, I didn’t know what would happen. The more people learned about us and enjoyed the Firepie experience, the more our sales grew. Customers returned with increasing frequency, sometimes visiting us multiple times a week. And our team grew too: it went from me working alone on our wood burning oven to a group of 15 employees manning a number of stations and delivery routes. In just 7 months, our sales had multiplied by 1000%.


It’s all because of you. Because of you, this experiment is working! As a Firepie customer, you are helping to end pizza as usual. By choosing us, you are showing other businesses that your experience matters. We agree. Thank you for joining us.


For the fastest delivery experience, please order here on our website www.firepie.com by clicking the “Order Now” button, or download the Firepie app by texting FIREPIE to 33733.



If you enjoyed your Firepie experience, spreading the word to friends or posting a note on social media helps us on our mission. You can find us on Yelp and Facebook.


If you didn’t experience happiness related to an order you just received please call us immediately at 415-213-2300. We want to fix your issue to maintain our high standards. You deserve “amazing”.


Our goal now is to expand around San Francisco and beyond so more of us can have this new simple, fast, and amazing (quality) pizza experience

…I don’t have an Ivy League degree or VC money like many San Francisco startups, but I have you my customer and this dream of providing a simple fast and amazing pizza experience for us all in our busy lives. You are why we exist.


Rick Richman